ARB Hard Top Canopies

ARB Ascent Hard Top Canopy

Designed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning owner, ARB's premium Ascent hardtop sets the benchmark in performance and usability. This flagship canopy is loaded with standard inclusions such as vehicle-integrated central locking, electric push-button window release and slam-shut latches.


With the Ascent’s electronic latching comes the convenience of remote central locking. Via the vehicle’s key fob, all of the canopy’s latches will lock or unlock simultaneously with the vehicle’s doors. Additionally, working seamlessly with the vehicle’s locking system, if the vehicle is unlocked and the doors have not been opened, the Ascent canopy will auto-lockfor the peace-of-mind of complete autonomous security. 

Features & Benefits

Canopy Vent

A high flowing, forward facing intake is standard on the Ascent range, inhibiting dust ingress through the tailgate area by positively pressurising the canopy interior.

Electronic Unlatching System

A notable feature of the Ascent is the absence of handles. The canopy incorporates electronic unlatching for the rear door and side lift up or pop up windows.

Over-Rail Design

With a unique over-rail design, the Ascent canopy form fits to any vehicle with no visible seal.

Keyless Entry

The Ascent canopy boasts remote central locking for both the rear door and side lift up windows. The remote central locking will auto lock if the vehicle is left unlocked and the vehicle doors have not been opened.

High Specification Adhesive

The Ascent canopy features thermoplastic seals and high specification adhesive. A special seal for the lower rear door corners is also incorporated to reduce glare and the potential water and dust ingress.

Tinted Safety Glass

5mm tinted and tempered safety glass is used for the rear door and side windows.

LED Light

An internal 36 LED high-output internal light with a three-way switch provides maximum illumination of the interior. The switch can be set to turn on automatically when the rear door is opened. 

Rear Mounted Spoiler

The unique rear-mounted spoiler enhances the Ascent canopy’s aesthetic appeal and incorporates an LED break light. 

Weight Ratings

As ARB canopies have a strong internal structure, they have two weight ratings. The dynamic weight of ARB’s canopies with internal supports is approximately 100kg, while the static weight is between 350kg and 400kg.

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